What Should I Wear When Running?

What should i wear when running

When we go for a run, the big question is, what should I wear when running? Many variants affect what we wear. If the weather is warm, we will try to wear as few clothes as possible when we run, and if the weather is cold, we should wear extra layers; if wet and windy, … Read more

What are the Best Ladies Running Socks

what are the best ladies running socks

What are the best ladies Running socks? There are many different running socks, making this tricky as runners can buy trainers, anklet socks, long compression socks, light summer socks, and thicker winter socks. Most of these socks are made of nylon and polyester. Keep away from 100% cotton socks. Finally, there are seamless, anti-blister, water-resistant, … Read more

Overpronation Running Shoes

Overpronation running shoes

There are many manufacturers of overpronation running shoes. However, all the leading manufacturing brands of running shoe design shoes for people with a neutral gait, runners who overpronate, and runners who supinate. We will now look at these overpronation shoes in more detail. What is overpronation Overpronation is when your foot rolls in when you … Read more