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My name is Mairead, I am the founder of the greatrunningadvice.com website. I have been running for about 9 years. When I began to run, I would have loved a website that would have helped me with all my questions and issues.

Now let me tell you a bit about myself.

My Personal Story

Over several years, I struggled with my weight. As I worked in an office and commuted a couple of hours a day for work, I realised the problem related to my lifestyle, literally no exercise.

This is when I decided to start running. The more weight I carried around the harder it was to run. I remember the first day I ran I was not able to run 150 meters but I stuck with it. It took a lot of hard work as I was doing it all by myself without any help. Over about 3.5 years, I lost about 33% of my weight. I remember the joy I felt when I completed my first 5km, then 10km. I reached my target of running a half-marathon in June 2019.

Nine years ago, I knew very little about running and the do’s and ds when we were starting out. With plenty of research, and help from my running club, I have learned about, good stretching techniques, when and what to eat before running, when and how to hydrate, and how to train. Over the years I have suffered various injuries and niggles, I have learned how to treat lots of injuries and when it is okay to run and when not to run. I now know the importance of yoga for runners as it helps with stretching and relieving tired muscles.

Originally when I started running, I started with the aim of losing weight, then it became part ofCOVID-19ife. Since the arrival of Covid in March 2020, it has become my escape from life, put on my runners, and away I go. It is great to clear the mind.

I Want to Make People Believe That They Can Succeed

My aim each day is to help people achieve their running goals. I believe I can help anybody achieve their running goals. Believe me when I say that there will be plenty of obstacles in the way but I believe with the right help and advice that we can overcome these together.

Our Goal is to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Ultimately my goal is to see you achieve your dreams whether that is just running a km, running a 5km, or any distance up to an ultra-marathon. I will use all the knowledge that I have learned over the past 9 years to help you achieve this.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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