Hydration and Running

hydration and running

Keeping the body hydrated is extremely important when it comes to exercise. The body contains about 60% water, depending on size and weight. Hydration and running go hand in hand if the body becomes dehydrated or overly hydrated. It can have severe consequences, which we will discuss later. What are Hydration and Dehydration? Hydration is … Read more

Good Running Stretches

good running stretches

What are good running stretches? Today, I plan to discuss the stretches we should perform before and after we run, why we do each, and when we should do them. As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I have read a good book on stretching called The Runners Expert Guide to Stretching: Prevent … Read more

What Is The Best Home Treadmill

what is the best home treadmill

Now that you have decided to start running, the big question is will you run inside or outside; when you choose to run inside, you have to determine what is the best home treadmill. In this post, I will go into general information about treadmills. In my next post on treadmills, I will review different … Read more

About Mairead – Founder

My name is Mairead, I am the founder of the greatrunningadvice.com website. I have been running for about 9 years. When I began to run, I would have loved a website that would have helped me with all my questions and issues. Now let me tell you a bit about myself. My Personal Story Over … Read more