What are the Best Ladies Running Socks

What are the best ladies Running socks? There are many different running socks, making this tricky as runners can buy trainers, anklet socks, long compression socks, light summer socks, and thicker winter socks. Most of these socks are made of nylon and polyester. Keep away from 100% cotton socks. Finally, there are seamless, anti-blister, water-resistant, and arch-support socks. We will now look at these socks and hopefully help you decide which socks suit your feet. By the end of this post, I hope you will better understand the best ladies’ running socks.

Trainer Socks.

Trainer socks are socks that just come to the top of your trainer when you put them on. So you can about see the top of the sock. Trainer socks come in different variations of the below types of socks. They are made of different kinds of material but try to find either polyester or nylon. They also come with varying combinations of arch support, water-resistant, anti-blister, and seamless. I find trainer socks can be a little short and slip into your running shoes, which can become annoying.

Anklet Socks

Anklet socks are socks that come up just above the ankle. These socks also come in different variations of the below socks. They are made from various materials but only buy nylon or polyester socks. They will also come with different variations of the following and sometimes with all the variations, arch support, water-resistant, anti-blister, and seamless. Anklet socks come as compression socks as well.

Knee-High Socks

Knees high socks come up as far as your knee. These socks will also come in different variations of the below socks. These socks are mainly compression socks to support the calf muscles. Knee-high socks will keep your legs warm during the winter, but the opposite occurs in the summer. They are more suited to trail running as they protect your legs from cuts and scratches as you run.

Compression Socks

Compression socks are great for running. These socks gently squeeze your muscles, which improves blood flow, helps reduce tiredness, reduces recovery time, and helps reduce injuries. Compression socks generally come in knee-high length, but you can also buy them in an anklet version. This anklet version only allows the feet. Compression socks also benefit people who stand all day as they greatly support your legs. Instead of wearing compression socks, some runners prefer to wear compression sleeves. We will look at these in further detail in my post on compression socks.

Nylon and Polyester Socks

Nylon and polyester are popular synthetic fibers mainly used to manufacture running socks. They are both moisture-wicking, breathable, and durable. When buying running socks, keep away from cotton socks. Cotton retains moisture, and when you put moisture, heat, and friction together, you end up with blisters and callouses on your toes. All runners know how painful blisters on their feet or toes are when running. Blisters you try to avoid at all costs.

Seamless Socks

Seamless socks are socks without seams. They come just above the ankle. These running socks can help improve performance and help prevent blisters as there are no seams to cause chaffing.

Anti Blister Socks

Anti blister socks are socks that help prevent blisters. These running socks have double-layered technology as this works as when we run, the outer layer of material rubs off the inner layer of material ideally so that there is no friction on our feet as blisters are caused by moisture and friction in our socks when we move. Additionally, these socks must be made from synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon as our feet need to be able to breathe when we run.

Water-resistant Socks

Water-resistant socks are socks that are resistant to water. Waterproof socks have three elements, a knit exterior sock, a waterproof membrane, and a knit interior sock. The outside and inside layers are pretty thick to protect the waterproof membrane, making these socks a bit too thick for running. They are pretty warm as well. If your feet get too hot inside the sock, your foot will start to sweat, but the sweat can’t go anywhere, so you get wet feet anyway. When feet are wet, you have a bigger chance of getting blisters.

Arch support Socks What are the Best Ladies Running Socks

Arch support socks support your arches when running, as elastic compression supports around the foot’s arch. Most good running socks will have arch support built-in. Arch support socks help alleviate the pain associated with plantar fasciitis as they provide extra shock absorption to the soles of the feet. In addition, arch support socks help blood circulation and reduce swelling.

Running sock Care

It is essential to look after our running socks. When you wash them, turn them inside out and soak them in a cool temperature setting. Keep like colors together. Air dry your socks as the tumble dryer heat may damage your socks. Always wash your socks after each wear as this helps them stay in better condition and last longer.

Final Thoughts

We have now looked at all the different types of running socks. I hope you better understand all the different types, as the type of sock that suits you may not be the same type that suits me. In another post, I will review running socks and recommend the best sock to buy within some of the above combinations.

The essential items to take from this post are

  • the best type of material that the sock is created from
  • compression or non-compression
  • seamless or non-seamless
  • arch support – most good socks will have arch support built-in
  • water-resistant or not – these socks can cause your feet to sweat as they are thicker socks, making your feet wet from the inside out.

I hope you will read my reviews on the best running socks.

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