What Are The Benefits Of A Running Buddy.

A running buddy is more than just someone who runs next to you. A running buddy pushes, motivates and supports you through all the joys and struggles of running. They will put up with your mood swings, the bad days, and the good days. There are many benefits of a running buddy.

What Are The Benefits Of A Running Buddy

    1. There are many benefits to having a running buddy. I will look at each of these benefits in more detail below.
      • Someone to talk to
      • Motivate us
      • Diversion
      • Make us accountable
      • Help us to achieve our goals
      • Feeling of safety
      • Healthy competition
      • Different Perspective
      • Improved Performance

Someone To Talk To 

This is a great benefit, as when we run with a buddy and continuously chat away, the miles fly by, and we are near the end of our run before we know it. Generally, a running buddy will become a great friend for life as you spend a lot of time with them, depending on how far and how often you run. You may end up discussing things with them that you may not even discuss with your nearest and dearest, as it is much easier to discuss something that is bothering you with someone when you are running and not having eye contact with the person. For example, sometimes we need a running buddy to talk to about our running clothes, or maybe we are struggling with some niggles; a buddy may be able to tell us what injury is causing this.

Motivate Us 

It is great to have a person to run with; they will motivate us as we go. A running buddy can give you the pep talks you need to help you stay on track and push you through when you are struggling. We all know what it is like when you run and feel like stopping. Running with a buddy will keep us running even when we don’t want to, as all runners will hit ruts from time to time.


running buddy

The buddy system creates a diversion from negatives, such as boredom or fatigue. For example, a running buddy is great when you are tired, as when someone is talking to you, and you will keep going and hopefully finish the run before you know it. In addition, when you want a change from your usual route, your partner may know of a different one to try. It can also be fun to explore a new trail or area together.

Makes Us Accountable 

An excellent running body will make us feel accountable. If you agree to meet someone at an agreed time, you are much more likely to turn up and go running than if you were running by yourself. I am a fair-weather runner, so I wouldn’t say I like heading out in the rain though if I have arranged to meet my buddy, I am more inclined to go out.

Help Us To Achieve Our Goals

All runners generally have a goal when they are training, whether this is a 10km, half marathon, or full marathon. Having a running buddy to share our runs with it helps us to keep training so that we can achieve our goals. In addition, a running buddy will generally make us train harder.

Feeling Of Safety

When running with another person, we will always feel much safer as some areas are unsafe to run alone, especially for women. Even if we suffer an injury when we are out running, it is great to have someone who can help us get back to where we began. Sometimes when out running, we can over-exert ourselves, but generally, a running buddy will notice this and get you to pull back.

Healthy Competition

Having a running body creates healthy competition between running buddies, and competition will generally drive us forward and make us better runners.

Competition to run the fastest, have the best form, and so on. Having some competition can motivate you and your running partner to seriously up your game and become better and harder-working runners.

Not only that, competition increases the enjoyment and the thrill you get when out running.

Who hasn’t been out running with their running buddy and started sprinting when they are only a few hundred meters from the finishing point?

Meet New People

When running with a buddy, we generally get to know all the other runners they know. This opens up a whole new social circle for both runners. Typically, a running buddy will become a friend for life, so we meet all their friends’ runners and otherwise.

Different Perspective

Sometimes it is great to have another person’s perspective on everything running. For example, they may notice something wrong with the running form that they may not realize.

Improved Performance

When you’re running with someone else, you should be able to help each other to improve. Ideally, running with a running partner who is slightly quicker than you and has better form would be best. That way, you’ll be pushed to speed up and improve your running style and technique to keep up with your running buddy. Your running buddy must be faster than you for only a couple of seconds per km.

Not only that, a decent running partner will give you words of encouragement and push you to challenge yourself. Likewise, you can do the same with your running partner. Use each other to your benefit, and become a better runner with a partner.

Final Thoughts

We have now looked at the benefits of running with a running body. First, you should realize that it is a great way to run as it has many benefits. I rarely go for a run on my own, but when I have arranged to meet a buddy, I will always go.


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